Unplug Your Appliance Before You Go, Energy Experts Recommend

By: | February 27th, 2023

Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

Soaring household energy costs have been a winter nightmare in the US. The figure reportedly jumped by nearly 36%, reaching a 10-year high. In a wake of rising energy bill, energy experts suggest that consumers could save energy by unplugging household appliances when not used.

Unplugging appliances when not in use can help you save money and energy. The idea is that devices can still run some background functions while plugged in, so unplugging prevents power drain.

But how much money is actually saved by unplugging devices? Is it also necessary to constantly plug and unplug devices? Even when your appliances are turned off, they continue to consume energy, according to Energy Star. Unplugging appliances can save the average household up to 20% on their monthly energy costs.

“We always encourage homeowners to unplug anything that’s not being used,” said Chris Villanueva, a house technician who is responsible for technical in-house maintenance and repair.

The energy from these devices when not in use is often referred to as backup power but also has other names such as virtual load, idle current. In addition to unplugging, you can also consider purchasing products with the Energy Star label. Products with this label are rated for lower standby power use than products not rated for energy efficiency.

Villanueva also pointed pout that air leakage through windows and doors that can add up to a significant energy expense. He suggested cutting down on unnecessary heating costs, plugging them in.

After Bob and Allison Zsunkan’s Connecticut home’s energy bill skyrocketed, forcing them to reevaluate their spending and 401(k) plans, Villanueva recently spent a day there looking for air leaks. Bob Zsunkan stated that they experienced a $160 monthly increase in their oil bill.

Villanueva also suggested using LED light bulbs, increasing insulation, and maintaining a temperature range of 65 to 68 degrees.

The cost of electricity for Americans this season increased dramatically. The cost of electricity is constantly increasing as the prices of the two most used fuels to produce electricity, natural gas and coal, both increase, as the US economy struggles to recover from the pandemic and conflict Russia – Ukraine caused the energy crisis in Europe.

Another factor driving up electricity costs is the winter, which has caused households and businesses to use heaters more frequently. As electricity bills become more expensive and erratic over time, it is more important than ever to find ways to save money on electricity. So, the next time you’re not using an appliance, unplug it.


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