Stealth Bomber Electric Bikes Ready to Go

By: | January 9th, 2013

Stealth Bomber Electric Bikes (SBEBs) with a maximum speed of 45 mph and a range of 30 miles, meet motocross and mountain biking in the middle.  Without time to load a pickup with a motocross bike, travel to a venue, and pay the use fees and without the energy to bike 25 miles, you can put on your protective gear and hop onto your Stealth Bomber and be off in moments.   At 120 pounds the Stealth Bomber feels like a small motorcycle.

With an electric engine that adds power and speed, high quality materials and parts, and several models to choose from, you can turn your afternoons or weekends into a blast with the “Bomber”, “Fighter” or “Hurricane.”

The key component is called “Petal Assist.”  When you engage “Petal Assist” you are provided a burst of power and speed that can help you climb hills, take jumps, or accelerate around corners.

The one piece monocoque frames are made from aircraft certified CrMo, Chromium & Molybdenum, alloys added to steel  to increase its strength making a significant difference by providing a smoother ride and a better feel.

The motor produces 4.5kW and the drive brushless DC hub motor with only one moving part provides reliability and efficiency.  Your neighbors won’t mind because the bike is virtually silent.

Pedaling involves a 9 speed sequential gear box which provides enough gears for any terrain.  Gear shifting is accomplished with a flick of the wrist.  There is a concentric swing arm pivot that provides quiet and smooth gear shifting.

Suspension system is easily adjustable for leisurely riding or for aggressive rides off road.  The brakes utilize powerful 6 piston hydraulic brake calipers that provide feedback on the levers.

The battery has high rate lithium cells and a custom battery system to monitor the discharge cycles.  Charge time is 2 hours at any 110V or 240V outlet.

Finally, the Duro Razorbacks are durable, all-condition, downhill, free ride and terrain mountain bike tires with a multipurpose tread design.

With excellent acceleration and hill climbing ability Stealth Bomber Electric Bikes are a must have to round out ones bike collection.  The price is $10,000-$14,000 depending on options.

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