What to Do When You’re Injured At Work

By: | November 15th, 2023

Workplace injuries usually happen because either an establishment fails to employ risk reduction strategies or they simply don’t care enough to identify potential hazards. In any case, getting injured at work can be a life-altering experience regardless of whether the business owner acted negligently or not.  You can make it less of an arduous experience by following these tips as you recover from the aftermath of an accident on the job.

1. Request for immediate emergency care

Whether a portion of the ceiling fell on you or you slipped on a wet floor, you should request immediate medical care no matter how seriously you’re hurt. Some injuries may take a long while before you can feel them, so it’s always better to consult with your company physician. 

Not only will this help you uncover serious injuries that fell under the radar, but it will provide you with evidence you can use if you’re applying for worker’s comp or suing your employer for alleged negligence. Other cases such as exposure to cancer-inducing asbestos at your workplace will take a few years to come out. The earlier you get diagnosed with mesothelioma, the more likely you are to get a large compensation package.

2. Inform your employer about what happened

Along with requesting medical assistance, you will need to keep your employer informed about your condition. Providing details of what happened can also help you file a strong claim, especially if the injury is serious enough to place you on an extended hospital stay. 

Under the rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your employer is required to keep a file of on-site injuries or illnesses. If they tell you that it’s unnecessary, insist on reporting it. You will need these files later on as you prepare your claim.

If your employer refuses to hand over reports, then you could cite them for violating OSHA guidelines. Although this seldom happens, companies will find themselves in more serious trouble for non-compliance.  

3. Reach out to a proper attorney

When you file a workplace injury claim, you expect to get an amount relative to the extent of the pain and suffering the injury has caused. However, this is not always the case for many workers, especially in high-risk sectors like construction and oil excavation. 

Your employer and their liability insurance carrier may downplay your claims and insist on compensation that does not take the full extent of your injuries into account. In this case, you need an experienced attorney to help you draft out your next moves. 

Whether it’s an oil rig lawyer in Houston or a truck accident attorney in Malibu, getting the right legal professional by your side will ease up the process and ensure that you get the amount you deserve. 


As an employee, you have the right to your employer’s protection. If they fail to do even the bare minimum, then be prepared to fight for what you deserve as a victim of an accident that would have been avoided.


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