South Korea to Build the World’s Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel

By: | March 28th, 2023

We’re at the dawn of a new, weird international contest, this time with circles rather than skyscrapers.

The London Eye, Dubai Eye, Singapore Flyer, Las Vegas High Roller…Ferris wheels have long been capturing the attention of the world.

Now, taking this up a notch by breaking away from the traditional appearances of Ferris wheels, South Korea plans to build the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel.

The futuristic Seoul Ring is to be built at a former landfill site in Haneul Park – dubbed as a ‘gateway to Seoul’, offering stunning views of the capital by 2025.

TWICE the size of the London Eye

The Seoul Metropolitan Government claims that it will be the ‘world’s largest’ Ferris Wheel at 180 meters (591 feet). It will be operated by renewable energy. For comparison, the UK’s famous London Eye stands at 442 feet, 149 feet shorter than the Seoul Ring.

The wheel will have 36 stainless steel pods that can each carry 25 people. Once in operation, it will host roughly 1,470 passengers per hour.

Visitors will be able to gaze out at the sights of the Hangang River, downtown Seoul, Namsan Mountain, and even Bukhansan Mountain from the carriages.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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