Scientists Unveil Breakthrough Device Capable of Removing 99.9% of Microplastics from Water

By: | August 29th, 2023

Image Courtesy: UBC Forestry/Jillian van der Geest

Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada and Sichuan University in China have devised a groundbreaking method to eliminate microplastics from drinking water. Their pioneering creation, known as the “bioCap” purification filter, employs entirely plant-based materials derived from fruits and wood. Astonishingly, this innovation effectively eliminates almost all microplastics present in water.

Innovative Microplastic Extraction

The team harnessed the power of fruit tannins, compounds responsible for the bitterness in unripe fruit, along with sawdust, to develop a cylindrical water filtration system. This ingenious device exhibits an impressive ability to eliminate microplastics, with efficacy rates ranging from 95.2 to 99.9 percent, contingent on the microplastic composition.

The Power of Fruit Tannins and Sawdust

By integrating fruit tannins and sawdust, the scientists created a filtration apparatus that goes beyond traditional methods. It effectively tackles the microplastic crisis, an issue pervasive across various domains, including our bodies, water sources, food, and even the atmosphere.

This discovery holds immense significance as microplastics pervade every corner of our environment. From our personal well-being to the ecosystems around us, the bioCap filter offers a glimmer of hope in addressing this mounting challenge.

Testing Effectiveness

Researchers from diverse fields administered drinking water to mice, comparing two types: one treated with the bioCap filter and the other left untreated. Notably, the mice consuming the treated water exhibited no microplastic accumulation in their organs, a stark contrast to those exposed to untreated water.

Tackling Microplastics Sustainably with bioCap

One remarkable aspect of the bioCap filter is its consistent efficacy. Even at its least effective, it remains capable of removing a significant proportion of microplastics from drinking water, setting it apart from other solutions.

What sets the bioCap filter apart is its organic nature as well as sustainability. Unlike numerous existing methods, the bioCap filter refrains from worsening the microplastic issue. Instead, it presents a truly efficient solution, in harmony with the well-being of the environment.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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