Tesla Rolls Out First Electric Vehicles From its German Gigafactory

By: | March 26th, 2022

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany ( Image courtesy: Tesla)

Tesla has added Germany to its four fully operational facilities after three such Gigafactories in the US, and one in China.

With Tesla Gigafactory in Gruenheide, Germany the global race to dominate the electric car market moves to Europe.

As of now, Volkswagen has the largest share in the electric vehicle market in Europe. In comparison to a 25 percent market share of Volkswagen, Tesla has a 13 percent market share. This plant will help Tesla emerge as a leader in the European electric vehicle market.

The 5-billion-euro Gigafactory located just outside Berlin was meant to be operational sometime last year

But numerous delays and clearances for a new battery factory that Tesla later decided to build delayed the opening of the plant.

The plant will eventually produce 500,000 electric vehicles annually as well as batteries for the cars

Recently, 30 Model Ys, the first electric vehicles manufactured in this plant were handed over to their owners.

Dancing Musk delivered first Teslas

Tesla Chief Executive Musk was also present at the Tesla Gigafactory in Gruenheide, Germany overseeing the handover of the electric vehicles. He was seen clapping, dancing, and having fun with fans.

Tesla’s Model Y costs 63,990 euros ($70,334) and has a 514 km (320 miles) range on a full charge.

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