Sci Fi Tech Warfare Concept Introduces Transformer-Like Aircraft That Self Heals

By: | September 16th, 2014

The use of sci-fi technology in war would change the realities of warfare in the  future. Scientists and engineers from a British defense giant BAE Systems is researching sci-fi technology. The company believes that in just 25 years from now a lot of game-changing technology will be in use.

Recently, BAE Systems unveiled four futuristic technologies which could revolutionize future warfare.

The first idea involves installing on-board 3D printers: These 3D printers could print crucial metal parts, alloys or mini-drones while in the middle of a mission. The printed drones could be readily deployed during a mission.

The second concept is developing self healing fighter jets that can repair itself in mid air after suffering battle damage. Aircraft using nanotechnology can repair any battle-damage as soon as it happens.

A third revolutionary idea is aircraft using ‘transformer’ technology….aircraft which could split in the air when approaching a warzone. The ‘transformer’ technology will allow a transformer aircraft splitting into several different planes, each with its own mission like dropping supplies, bombing or carrying out surveillance.  All split aircrafts could join back the main aircraft after completing their tasks.

The fourth and final technology is a laser weapon that is capable of firing a concentrated beam of energy at the speed of light commonly known as lasers. BAE scientists plan to use directed energy systems (DES) as an attachment weapon for aircraft to engage and destroy attacking missiles.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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