Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft to Test ChatGPT in Cars

By: | August 28th, 2023

Photo by Doug Watanabe on Unsplash

The luxury vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft will collaborate to test ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mercedes cars. As recently announced, an optional beta program will be available for U.S. customers in over 900,000 vehicles equipped with the MBUX infotainment system. Hence, the voice command can engage in more natural and human-like dialogs and will become even more intuitive, in addition to enabling additional functions.

As said in a release by Mercedes-Benz, this addition takes voice control to a new level. Currently, the voice command is activated using the phrase “Hey Mercedes”, followed by commands such as temperature adjustments, as well as tasks related to navigation and phone.

As said by Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer, Development & Procurement, “The integration of ChatGPT with Microsoft in our controlled cloud environment is a milestone on our way to making our cars the center of our customers’ digital lives. Our beta program boosts the existing Hey Mercedes functions such as navigation queries, weather requests, and others with the capabilities of ChatGPT. This way, we aim to support conversations with natural dialogues and follow-up questions. Our customers can always rely on us to ensure the best possible protection of their data privacy. Everything is under one big goal: Redefining the relationship with your Mercedes.”

In order to be a part of the program, customers can register through the Mercedes me app, or simply by using the vehicle’s voice command “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.”.

In a blog post from June 2023, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s AI platform, Eric Boyd, wrote that “Unlike standard voice assistants that often require specific commands, ChatGPT excels at handling follow-up questions and maintaining contextual understanding. Drivers can ask complex queries or engage in multi-turn conversations, receiving detailed and relevant responses from the voice assistant,”

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