Revolutionary Concept Improves Wedding Rings For Men

By: | November 12th, 2014

McWhinney Designs

Designer Jess McWhinney has created a collection of wedding rings for men called “Active Wedding Rings For Active Men.”

McWhinney is extremely active himself, and while he generally specializes in skateboard and bicycle design, he figured out a way to improve the comfort and durability of wedding bands for men.

His new line of rings revolve around stainless steel and titanium wedding bands that come equipped with a clamp/latch to make taking the bands on and off easier than ever before.

McWhinney claims that not all men simply don’t wear their rings because they’re unfaithful, rather many take their rings off because “it doesn’t fit well, it’s uncomfortable, or it interferes with work or play.”

“Its always been a pet peeve of mine that the woman always gets the cool, valuable ring, while the guy gets the afterthought, boring metal band,” McWhinney told Fast Co.

Thanks to McWhinney’s concept, maybe men will want to show off their “Active” rings to their buddies!

But for most men, they’ll probably just be happy to have a ring that fits…

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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