World’s First Instant Beer, Just Add Water and Stir

By: | March 31st, 2023

Image by Pixabay

A German brewery has revolutionized the way carbonated beverages are made by inventing a powdered lager. The powder can make the beer in the same way you make instant coffee or a protein shake.

The zero-alcohol beer is brewed as usual before being turned into a powder or granules that dissolves in water. Just adding a couple of spoons of powder in a glass of water and stirring it, you can make the beer in a matter of moments.

Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle, the German monastery-based brewery that invented the powder, has been in the industry for almost 500 years

Currently, the powder creates a non-alcoholic beverage, but the brewer plans to launch an alcoholic version soon.

The beer powder could be a turning point for the carbon footprint of beer exports

The creation is the first of its kind, it has been developed to reduce the heavy carbon footprint of beer exports by shortening the process and using less raw materials and energy. The invention could reduce transport weight by 90 percent, by eliminating the need for bottles and crates.

Powdered beer is still relatively a new concept; other instant powders are not as popular or well-known as traditional beer.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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