Reinventing The Golf Cart? Bubba’s Hover

By: | April 10th, 2013

Not really much I can say here except that this hovercraft golf cart idea by Oakley made for Bubba Watson is one of the cooler things I’ve seen on a golf course in a very long time.

Named BW1, the hovercraft is probably the easiest way to retrieve a golf club you threw in the lake (it smoothly goes over water) and keeps you off those annoyingly bumpy cart paths.

Can we take a second to go over the last year of Bubba’s life? The guy has a six-figure watch, adopted his first child, won the Masters with one of the best shots in the history of the tournament, got a big deal from Oakley, moved into Tiger Woods’ old house and got an invite from LeBron James to hang with him in Ohio during Firestone week. So yeah, Bubba Golf has been a pretty large success so far.

Watch the video and remember, being a pro golfer is not a terrible job if you can get it. [via]

Jeremy Helms

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