Process Automation: Monitoring “Health” Of Iron Ore Plant

By: | November 30th, 2014

Industrial Process Automation

Today’s industrial operations are run on software, control systems, and embedded computing all with an eye toward efficiency, optimizing customer assets and outdoing the competition. It is an “arms race” if you will in which laggards become yesterday’s losers and adopters outshine the competition.

Visualizing, Controlling, Analyzing & Optimizing Production

Information on all industrial processes and inputs from the full range of hardware, software and outputs in the plant are collected in real time and integrated by software and system management tools. Management and staff can monitor the information with a fine tooth comb and make decisions based on real-time information to head off potential slowdowns, stoppages, etc.

The Next Industrial Revolution

Humanity is transitioning into its next industrial revolution and organizations that proactively adopt leading automation technology will have a competitive edge over those who don’t. Automation technology today may seem alien as mobile devices did just a decade ago but ndustrial automation will be a much bigger wave than mobile devices and its time to get on board as the technology is moving very quickly.

The following video shows the application of automated systems to an iron ore processing plant:

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