Private Jet Company Offers College Tour Cram Session by Air

By: | June 3rd, 2014

Experience the college tour process in style. Photo © Magellan Jets

Going on college tours at campuses all over the country can be costly, tiresome, and time consuming. In order to expedite the college tours process, Magellan Jets has launched 10 Hour Jet Card: College Tours for $43,500, where the private jet company will fly prospective college students to campuses all over the country in one day.

Vice president of Magellan Jets, Greg Belezerian, estimates the jet can take students to visit upwards of 8 campuses in 24 hours.

Belezerian recently said,  “We were able to get one student to visit Northwestern, Duke, and Syracuse all in one day.”

The company also takes care of the logistics of the entire trip, making sure the whole process is a hassle free experience.

You could always save the $43,500 cost of the private jet college tour and use it to pay for your first couple years of college. But trade-offs will become much more important when you sign up for your first economics class.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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