Powering 10 Million Homes Using Innovative Power and Energy Engineering

By: | April 21st, 2017

The IEEE Power and Energy Society is a scientific and engineering organization focused on electric power and energy engineering and its advancement. The Society concerns itself with energy conversion, power delivery, power systems, industry applications, and industrial and power electronics, among other topics. Traditional power and energy technology, much of it decades-old, is now being replaced with cutting-edge technology and smart systems. And new power and energy resources are stimulating growth and innovation that marks the beginning of a huge sea change in how power and energy are produced and used.

The future of power and energy engineering is exciting as new advances in materials for energy storage and sustainable power are underway. For example, researchers are discovering how to use nanocrystal cells in energy systems to help transmit energy into circuits. Researchers are also working to overcome challenges that prevent scaling up of solar power generation. Innovations are needed to make solar power generation more widespread.

Dutch, Chinese Project to Power 10 Million Homes

Dutch consulting firm ARCADIS is now developing tidal power technology and preparing to build a tidal power facility off the East Coast of China that would replace the energy produced by six large coal and gas power stations, powering more than 10 million homes. As the video below explains, an 18-mile (30 km) dam would be built parallel to the shoreline or perpendicular to the direction of the waves off the coast. Ocean water would run through the facility spinning turbines to create electricity.

The following video, “Generating Massive Amounts of Sustainable Energy: Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP),” explains the Dutch-Chinese joint venture to develop DTP.

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