The Personal Space Dress Utilizes Proximity Sensors To Keep Creeps Away

By: | November 12th, 2014


Kathleen McDermott, a Hong Kong-based artist designed the Personal Space Dress in order to keep creepy guys or even regular people at a safe and/or comfortable distance.

The dress is an electronic garment, featuring proximity sensors that identify when someone is too close and communicate to the dress to automatically expand outward in an umbrella-like fashion.

Whether or not the dress is a viable product remains to be seen as it is something McDermott calls more of a statement for women to take control of their personal space in public.

Urban Armor

Urban Armor

The Personal Space Dress is part of a larger movement of wearables called Urban Armor, which challenges “the persistence of ideologies asserted at women in public space through advertising, architecture and socially normative behavior.”

Marshall Smith

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