Filing An AFFF Lawsuit In 2023 – A Complete Guide

By: | August 24th, 2023

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AFFF stands for Aqueous Film-Forming Foam. It is a special kind of foam used to put out really big fires. It’s like a superhero for firefighters! But guess what? Some sneaky chemicals in this foam can make people sick, like giving them cancer. 

So, if you or someone you know got sick because of AFFF, it’s a good idea to think about filing an AFFF Lawsuit. It can help you ask for money to help with the injuries and problems that happened because of that harmful foam. 

Guide to Filing an AFFF Lawsuit in 2023

Step 1: Understand What AFFF is

AFFF, which stands for Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, is a special kind of foam that firefighters use to battle big, dangerous fires. Imagine it as a superhero foam that fights fires caused by things like gas or oil. It’s really good at putting out these tricky fires. 

However, there’s a not-so-good side: AFFF contains PFAS chemicals or “per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances.” These chemicals can be pretty sneaky and cause health issues for people. Scientists may have found ways to break down these harmful compounds, but many were already sick because of it.

Some people who were around AFFF got sick because of these chemicals. That’s why people are talking about lawsuits. They want to get help and make things right for those who got hurt because of AFFF. It’s all about standing up for fairness and safety.

Step 2: Know Who Can File a Lawsuit

People who got sick after being around AFFF foam might be able to file an AFFF Lawsuit. They include firefighters, soldiers, and others who used the foam or were able to drink water contaminated with the PFAS chemicals.

These chemicals could cause certain kinds of cancer, like kidney, testicular, or prostate cancer. If you or your loved one have one of these cancers because of exposure to the foam, you might have a case.

Step 3: Get Legal Help

You need a lawyer to help you with the lawsuit. Lawyers or attorneys know the rules and can guide you through the process. You need not worry because many people have the same problem as you about these AFFF’s. They are together in a “class action” lawsuit with an experienced AFFF lawyer. It helps everyone work together to get justice.

Step 4: Gather Information

Your lawyer will ask you about how you got exposed to these harmful chemicals. They will also ask you about your cancer. These lawyers will need all the details to build your case and properly defend your claim in court.

It’s why you need all the information you have about your complaints to better arm your lawyer.

Step 5: Wait for Settlement Offers

The companies that made the foam might want to settle the cases. It means they could offer money to people affected by their product. Though it is not always guaranteed that they will make an offer.

Should there be an offer and you accept, it means there’s a settlement. Your lawyer will tell you if it’s a good offer or not. You can choose to take the money and settle or go to trial. Especially if your attorney tells you it’s not a good offer and you’ll be robbed of your right if you settle.

Step 6: Be Patient

Lawsuits take time, and it might be a while before you get money or a court decision. Be patient and let your lawyer handle everything. They’ll surely let you know what’s going on, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important. 

Step 7: Check for Updates

AFFF lawsuits continue to grow as people affected by exposure to firefighting foam seek compensation. Over 5,600 cases are already part of a class action lawsuit, with new cases added monthly. 

Since studies have linked AFFF to cancers, many individuals filed claims against its manufacturers, like 3M and DuPont. Settlement talks are underway, but legal processes can take time. So it’s important that you stay informed with the help of your lawyer.


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