One Of World’s Biggest Heavy Lift Vessel Moves 9,750 Ton Topside Onto Oil Platform (Video)

By: | November 24th, 2014

The Valemon oilfield on the Norwegian continental shelf contains over 200 million barrels of oil equivalent and is a complex field with areas of high pressure and high temperature reserves.

The Valemon topside was built and completed at the Samsung shipping yard in South Korea and on June 15, 2014 left for the Norwegian North Sea reaching its destination on July 14, 2014 after 40 days.The topside was built at a cost of $410 million (2.3 billion kroner) and was begun in May 2011.

The topside was lifted into place atop a 524 feet (160m) tall jacket by the Saipem 7000 crane heavy life vessell, one of the biggest heavy lift vessels in the world. The topside itself set a a record as the largest steel jacket installed in one life on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The project included use of Dutch company Rolldoc and its Rolldock Storm and Rolldock Star, each equipped with two 350 ton capacity Liebherr Heavy Lift Cranes.

The following two videos are as follows:

Valemon Topside Sailaway From South Korea

“Heavy Lift Vessel” Moves Valemon Into Place Atop Steel Jacket

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