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Who Would Fly 200 mph Through a 70 Foot Wide, 4 Mile Long Canal?! This Guy…

Peter Besenyei, known as the godfather of the Red Bull Air Race, just became the first person to fly a plane through the Corinth Canal in Greece. The Corinth Canal is only 70 feet wide but an incredible 4 miles long, making it understandable why no one was exactly lining up to attempt the daring […]

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Cold Weather Reduces the Distance Electric Cars Can Travel by 57%
Aluminum Recycling: Aluminum Die Casting Companies Produce Aluminum Parts That are Stronger, More Sustainable and Greener
First Class Passengers Fly High with Beds and Big Screen TVs on the A380 Jet
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Rainforest Guardian? This Crazy Skyscraper Deploys Its Own Army of Firefighting Drones!

Forest fires continue to claim thousands of acres of land across the Amazon rainforest, which is why a group of Chines designers have come up with “The Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper” to help combat the issue. Designers Jie Huang, Giaowan Tang, Jin Wei, Zhe Hao, Yiwei Yu came up with the idea of a skyscraper with […]

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How the U.S., and Maybe Even the World, Can Run 100% On Wind, Water & Solar by 2050
Tesla Dangers Extinguished! Elon Musk Released Awesome GIFs of Tesla’s New Model S Shield
See How 6 Miles of Packing Tape Builds a Human Cocoon
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