Tesla Dangers Extinguished! Elon Musk Released Awesome GIFs of Tesla’s New Model S Shield

By: | March 28th, 2014

Tesla has unveiled a series of GIFs to show off the brand new titanium underbody shield and aluminum deflector plates that will now come standard on all Model S vehicles.

After a series of fires involving the Model S this past year, Elon Musk says, “We felt it was important to bring this risk down to virtually zero to give Model S owners complete peace of mind.”

More info on a previous Model S fire.

Tesla service is also offering the triple underbody shield installation free of charge to all existing Model S owners since only Model S vehicle bodies manufactured after March 6th featured the new shield.

Check out the Model S running over things with its new titanium shield and deflector plates!

Running over a concrete block:

Running over an alternator:

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