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Bloodhound Land Speed Record Car Relaunched Under New Ownership

Boys and their toys. It sounds like an extract from a spy movie. After the purse dried up for the UK based Company Bloodhound Programme Ltd., in 2018, the project was left with a financial shortcoming of £25 million. In March 2019, entrepreneur Ian Warhurst stepped in to rescue the project. He told BBC in […]

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Gene Injection Shown to Restore Sight in Mice
South Korea’s Most-Destructive Quake Was Triggered by Geothermal Plant
Small Bearings are Transforming Automotive Seating from Comfort to Safety
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Solid-State Battery Technology on the Moon in 2021

What’s so great about solid state batteries to cause all the excitement?  In theory, they will cost less, last long, and be capable of more charge/discharge cycles than traditional lithium-ion batteries. And why are liquid electrolytes lithium-ion batteries a thing of the past? For starters, solid state batteries may have higher energy density, eliminate the […]

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Scientists Make Light Travel 30x Faster, Slow Down And Even Travel Backward
Scientists Claim, Mars Still Has Active Deep Groundwater
Sweden’s Recycling Is So Revolutionary That It Is Importing Rubbish
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