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A Fourth Type of Chocolate “Ruby” Discovered After 80 Years

Think you love chocolates? Most chocolate lovers will claim that there is nothing about chocolates they don’t know. White, milk or dark … If you are a chocolate lover you probably will take it any way you can get it. Think again … There is a new chocolate in town Swiss chocolate giant Barry Callebaut has […]

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Brainternet: Scientists Connect a Human Brain to Internet
An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain
LG’s New K7i Phone Features Mosquito-Repelling Tech
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China Signs $300 Million Deal to Buy Lab-Grown Meat

Cultured meat, also known as lab-grown meat, is poised to revolutionize the global meat industry in the future. Lab-grown meat is often called “clean meat” because the product is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. It is just like real meat, but it can be obtained without the need for animal slaughter. Lab-grown meat is healthier than conventional meat  Lab-grown meat […]

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Aevena Aire: Your Flying Robot Sidekick
Cincinnati Airport’s Use of Technology Helps TSA Staffing Meet Growing Passenger Demand
Coming Soon … Message Recall Feature from WhatsApp
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