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Your Parked Electric Car can Earn Over $1500 in Denmark

The demand for electric cars is soaring worldwide, putting pressure on electrical grid operators to find ways to balance the demand. Electricity grids around the world are constantly working to synchronize charge and discharge cycles to regulate current frequency and keep the grid working. A trial project in Denmark is testing how vehicle-to-grid connections could help to […]

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This Ingenious Mechanism Kills Thousands of Mosquitoes Every Night
How To Choose An Oven When Failure Is Not An Option
Robotic 3D-Printed Falcon to Scare Away Birds from Airports
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Guess What? Scientists Have Created a Terminator-Style Self-Healing Robot!

Are we heading toward the end of mankind? Over the years, we humans have made robots with incredible strength and artificial intelligence capabilities. But now, we are adding another arrow to their quiver by making them self-healing. Researchers from the Free University of Brussels have managed to create a self-healing robot by implementing a self-healing […]

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Machine Learning: Caltech Algorithm Watches Soccer, Learns the Game
Look! A Self-Driving Car! Wait a Minute …
SanDisk 400GB Ultra is World’s Largest-Capacity microSD
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