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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is the Future of Indian Travel

India is looking for options to revolutionize its transportation infrastructure. Bibop Gresta, chairman, and co-founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. (HTT), is in talks with the Indian government to build the transportation system in India. Hyperloop is the futuristic tube-based high-speed transportation system which aims to move people at a speed faster than the speed of sound. If […]

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NASA Just Confirmed That a Second Mini Moon is Circling Earth
Scientists Have Developed a Low-Cost Filter to Remove Arsenic From Drinking Water
The Challenges & Opportunities of Hazardous Waste Management
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Siberia’s ‘Doorway to the Underworld’ is Growing at an Alarming Rate and Uncovering Ancient Forests

A mysterious Siberian crater is expanding, and in this process, it is uncovering buried fossilized forests, extinct animals, and up to 200,000 years of historical climate records. Locals call it the “Doorway to the Underworld.” Technically known as the Batagaika Crater, it is almost 1 km (0.6 miles) long and 86 m (282 feet) deep, […]

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Can Cyber Security Engineering Stop Crippling Attacks?
Will Mobile Wallets Lead to a Cashless Economy?
Engineering Optimization Makes the High Tech World Go Around
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