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The Spiritual Power of China’s 1,800 Year Old Hanging Monastery

One of the Most Dangerous Structures in the World The Xuan Kong Si Hanging Monastery, aka the Suspension Temple, built into the side of a cliff near Mount Heng, Shanxi Province, China, in the 8th century BC, is one of the great architectural and historical wonders of China. A trip to the Hanging Monastery is […]

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A New Platform for Augmented Reality: Smart Contact Lenses
Your Life Will Depend on Accurate Motion Control Systems
Why 60% of US Enterprises Are Repeatedly Hacked
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Amazon Plans to Create 100,000 New Full-Time Jobs in the USA in the Next 18 Months

At the moment, Amazon employs 180,000 full-time US workers. However, that number is set to change soon as the company just announced it plans to create 100,000 new full-time jobs in the United States by mid-2018. For those of you like myself who are too lazy to do the math, that works out to approximately […]

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Vertical Gardens for Green Thumbs & Sustainability
Here’s 9 Neat Things to Do With Static Electricity When You Get Extremely Bored
Is CRISPR Gene Modification Tool a Genie in a Bottle?
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