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Aerospace Components Benefiting from New Materials Science

Aerospace components represent, if nothing else, a gold standard for industrial manufacturing. There is no other activity that puts more stress on an object and its parts than is encountered in the aerospace industry. In aviation and aerospace, one major challenge engineers deal with is vibration, especially in aircraft engines, fan blades, landing gears, and […]

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The Sharkman is Hybrid Wearable Furniture Designed for a Variety of Situations
Polaroid Pop is the Closest We’ll Get to Reverting Back to the Glory Days of Photographs
Treating Cancer with Nanomedicine a Paradigm Shift in Treatment
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Chile’s Alejandro Aravena’s 2016 Pritzker Prize Laureate for Architecture

Creative genius and contemporary artist Alejandro Aravena of Chile has been described as dedicated to making urban environments better for inhabitants and addressing the global housing crisis through an innovative and socially conscious approach to architecture. In 2016, Aravena won the Pritzker Prize, the highest award given each year for architectural excellence. Aravena’s works can be […]

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FLIR Launches LWIR High-Speed Camera for R&D and Science
Energy Star Waste & Emissions Tracking Helping Make Buildings Greener
The Inventive Problem Solving of Industrial Design
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