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Leaving Your Tesla at Supercharger Stations Will Now Cost You $0.40/Minute

In an effort to increase turnover at the company’s supercharger stations, Tesla has announced it will begin charging owners $0.40/minute for leaving vehicles thereafter they are done charging. It seems like it’d be obvious to remove your car from the charger once it’s finished, but this has been an increasing problem as more and more […]

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Insane Life-Size Iron Man Toy Features 46 Motors Powering 567 Parts
Google Will Be Running On 100% Renewable Energy By 2017
Weapons Community Sparks Fast Growing Anti-Jamming Equipment Market
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Collaborative Robots Changing Agriculture

The recent suggestion by economics professor Mark Blyth of Brown University that just 10% of the world’s population will need to work to provide all of the goods and services needed by humanity is amazing. But if one tracks the advancements currently being made in robotics, Blyth likely means that 10% of the world’s population […]

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Rolls-Royce and the Company’s 100+ Years of Motoring Perfection [Video]
How 3D Scanning & Printing are Reverse Engineering Everything
Short Film Reveals How Heavy Metals Resemble Crystal Kingdoms Under a Microscope
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