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Designer Woojai Lee Creates Brick-Like Furniture with Recycled Newspapers

Woojai Lee, a Korean-New Zealander artist/designer, has developed a project he refers to as ‘paperbricks’. Essentially, paperbricks are brick-like furniture that are made out of recycled newspapers after they are turned into pulps. With the help of glue, Woojai Lee is able to transform paper into solid structures from chairs to benches, and even coffee […]

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350-Foot Megayacht Concept Features Its Own Garden and Private Beach Area
WASP Officially Presents DeltaWASP 3MT in England and in the United States
Disney Invests $1 Billion in BAM Tech, Video Streaming Leader
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New Oil Debris Sensor Enables Engineers to Monitor Machine Health In Real-Time

Monitoring the wear and tear within oil systems can prove to be a tedious, difficult, and expensive process if proper maintenance products are not utilized. As metal wears down over time, metallic debris can accumulate, leading to the machine or multiple machines having to go offline at inopportune times to resolve the problem. Whether there is […]

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Haydale Composite Solutions Develops Revolutionary Composite Gas Transition Seal
France Becomes First Country to Ban Plastic Cups and Plates to Aid Battle Against Climate Change
Mercedes Collaborated With Silver Arrows Marine to Build This $1.7 Million Yacht
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