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University of Michigan’s MARLO Robot Looks Like It Is Taking a Sobriety Test on a Hilly Field

The Dynamic Legged Locomotion Lab from the University of Michigan has developed a walking robot, similar to but not as advanced as the Atlas Robot from Boston Dynamics. In a recent test for their MARLO robot, the team of Michigan engineers designed what I would describe as a hilly field to see how well MARLO […]

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Scientists Invent a Mind Reading Machine That Can Decode Your Thoughts
99 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bird Wings Found Preserved in Amber
Art Student Creates The Spector Which Captures the Font and Colors of Everyday Life
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Meet Mosha, an Elephant That is Fitted With an Elephant Prosthetic Leg After Landmine Tragedy

Mosha, an Asian elephant, is the world’s first recipient of an elephant prosthetic. She lost her leg from a landmine explosion while walking near the Burmese border when she was just seven months old. When Mosha was two and a half years old, she was spotted by Therdchai Jivacate, a Thai surgeon specialist in designing […]

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CIA Invests in the Beauty Cream Business to Gather DNA, Not Smooth Over Wrinkles
NASA Discovers a Second Moon Circling Earth
Beat High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease with Just 30 Minutes of Nature a Week
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