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Machine Learning Algorithms Making Robots 1000x More Capable Than Humans

At a recent Microsoft Developers Build Conference in San Francisco, one presenter discussed how robots are being designed to do human work through the use of machine learning (ML). Take, for instance, lettuce cutting. A new robot from Blueriver Technology, known as LettucBot, uses ML algorithms to cut lettuce precisely. Blueriver’s motto is “smart machines […]

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Goodyear Just Reinvented the Wheel to Let You Squeeze Your Car Into That Tight Parking Space
New Bookmark Light Transmits Electricity Through a Lithium Coin Battery
Will ‘Sea Bubbles’ Turn the Rivers of France Into an Alternative to Their Clogged Roads?
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Germany Just Generated So Much Renewable Energy That It Had to Pay Customers to Use It

In this energy-intensive modern world, everyone keeps complaining about electricity costs. However on May 8th, Germany generated so much renewable energy that it paid customers to use the electricity. On this bright and sunny day, Germany’s renewable energy generating facilities supercharged their solar and wind power sectors and supplied about 55 GW (Gigawatts) of the […]

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Amazing Videos of Railroad Tracks Laid by Automated Equipment
China’s Foxconn Has Replaced 60,000 Factory Workers with Robots
Ever Wondered How Those Two-Toned Plastic Drinking Straws Are Made?
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