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Desk-Sized Turbine Runs on Carbon Dioxide and Could Power up to 10,000 Homes

In the industrialized world, the development of energy resources has become a prerequisite for a developed society. But most of the energy is generated through polluting sources such as burning fossil fuels. To solve this issue, GE Global Research is developing a small turbine which uses carbon dioxide, and just one of these devices could […]

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How to Get Your Idea Turned Into a Prototype With CNC Manufacturing
The Polylevel System Lifts and Levels Dangerous Sinking and Cracking Concrete
Naked Labs Has Developed the World’s First 3D Fitness Tracker
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Triton: The Ocean Device That Could Meet 15 percent of global power demand

The oceans represent an incredible amount of power and energy. But ocean energy is still an untapped resource. A team of engineers from a company called Oscilla Power is trying to harness the ocean’s kinetic energy. For that, they have developed a device called Triton. Unlike other systems before it, Triton is a device without any […]

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World’s Greenest Search Engine ‘Ecosia’ Plants Trees While You Search the Web
Watly 3.0 is the Largest Solar-Powered Computer & Provides Internet, Energy, and Drinking Water Too
British Workshop Fallen Furniture Wants You to Buy This Boeing 737 Engine Chair
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