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Windspeed Technologies Wants You to Enjoy a Sky High View From the Top of Your Plane

Choosing your seat on an airplane is a big deal. Most of us are ready to pay more for the window seat as you get to see all sorts of landscapes. How about a roof seat for a panoramic 360-degree view of the surroundings? Aerospace engineering company Windspeed Technologies has designed a SkyDeck, which is […]

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FAA Approves Flight Testing of Terrafugia’s Flying Car
The Chinese Have Developed an Amazing “Mist Cannon” to Shoot Pollution From the Sky
4,000 SpaceX Satellites to Launch Between 2017 and 2019
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Virginia Tech and the Rhode Island School of Design are 3D Printing Glass

Although glass printing is a complicated process, it has remained an interesting sub-field of 3D printing. Researchers have not shied away from the complicated challenge that glass printing presents. Nevertheless, it is a heady process and requires a lot of heat and a lot of luck. A designer has to accept the general belief that […]

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These Colorful ‘Wood Wool’ Tiles Improve Building Acoustics
World’s First “Hack-Proof” Quantum Communications Satellite to Launch in 2016
Railroads Using Big Data to Make Smarter Decisions
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