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Lexus NX With Ice Wheels a Result of a Collaboration With Hamilton Ice Sculptors

Major car companies seem to be in an arms race when it comes to outrageous marketing, as Lexus recently unveiled an origami car. Lexus has one-upped itself by releasing a video of a Lexus NX outfitted with ice wheels, thanks to a collaboration with the experts at Hamilton Ice Sculptors in the UK. While the […]

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The Chinese Have Developed an Amazing “Mist Cannon” to Shoot Pollution From the Sky
New Power Plant in the French Alps Generates Power From Cheese
Elon Musk’s SpaceX Vs Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin: A New Space Race Heats Up
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After Successfully Growing Veggies in Space, Flowers are Next for NASA

Though astronauts have a lot of food options in space, they are all freeze-dried. They get some fresh fruits or vegetables, but only when a supply ship arrives at the space station. Flowers and Other Plants Could Help Boost Astronauts’ Spirits and Health Earlier this year, NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station were able […]

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Engineer Develops Quipt to Tame Robots With Gesture-Based Control Software
UL-Certified SolarPod Panels Can Be Installed on Any Roof Without Drilling
PaperLab Represents a Breakthrough as the First Ever In-Office Paper Recycler
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