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Power Paper: Paper That Can Store Electricity and Recharges in Seconds

Power Paper, created by researchers at Sweden’s Linköping University, is a new kind of paper with an amazing ability to store energy like a supercapacitor. Power Paper, with its exceptional ability to conduct ions and electrons, has provided a cheap and eco-friendly way of storing energy. The structural foundation of the material is nano-cellulose. Cellulose fibers […]

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Depth-Sensing Camera From a Microsoft Kinect Shot This Trippy Music Video
Swiss Company Rinspeed Has a New Concept BMW i8 Equipped With a Drone
This Earthquake-Proof Bed Transforms Into a Metal Tomb to Keep You Safe
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Full Suspension Fatbike Technology Ready for Prime Time

The names of Fatbikes are as fun as riding them: Surly Ice Cream Truck, Felt Double Double, Trek Farley, Specialized Fatboy, Truner King Khan, and Borealis Echo are just a few of the names. And Fatbikes can be ridden on everything from rocks along a stream to snow and ice. Full-suspension bicycles are relatively new […]

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Novelis Will Supply the Aluminum for Ford’s 2017 Super Duty Trucks Lineup
Vegetable Oil Improves Adhesion, Making Plastic Fibers Superstrong
I Really Want to Despise Stikbox: Clever Phone Case That Doubles as a Selfie Stick
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