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Vittorio Brumotti’s New Road Bike Freestyle Pushes the Limits in an Airplane Graveyard

Italian cyclist Vittorio Brumotti had released his second installment of freestyle biking on YouTube, featuring him riding his road bike on pretty much everything but the road. Brumotti literally rides atop highway rails overlooking the ocean, on top of an airplane, inside of an airplane, on forklifts, buildings, and across fallen trees. YouTube/Global Cycling Network: […]

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Microsoft’s SemanticPaint Program Attempts to Help Robots and Autonomous Cars ‘See’!
Engineering Challenges in Building the World’s Tallest Flagpole
NASA’s Prandtl-m Protoype Weighs Under 1 Pound But Could Be Key to Exploring Mars
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World’s Most Powerful Natural Gas Turbine Powers 500,000 Homes

General Electric has offered H-Class gas turbines for the past 10 years, but GE recently spent $1 billion to create its latest and most powerful H-Class gas turbine that is just in time to help the burgeoning shale gas revolution and rapidly expanding renewable energy sector. GE’s and the world’s largest high-efficiency gas turbine is […]

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Try Not to Vomit Watching Switzerland’s New Starlight Amusement Park Ride!
The Fabulous Palazzo Italia Building in Milan Purifies the Air With Its Smog-Filtering Façade
Nissan Juke RS Nismo Sets World Record by Driving On 2 Wheels For 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds
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