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Track Hoe Boarding is the Most Intense Thing You Will Watch All Week!

Strapping yourself to an excavator and letting it swing you around on a lake seems like a dang good way to win a Darwin Award. Track Hoe Boarding has taken the internet by storm recently, racking up views from those who’ve probably always wanted to do it and are living vicariously through the video. I […]

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Autoliv’s Torricelli Brake Uses Suction and 15,000 Newtons of Force to Stop Cars on a Dime
The Lexus SLIDE is a Real Hoverboard Prototype, Just as Beautiful as the Company’s Cars!
Watch Japanese Samurai Master Lose to Robot Swordsman in 1,000 Cuts Battle
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Progress Eagle: Zero Carbon Emission, Triple Decker Super Jumbo Jet

Cool designs these days are like Whack-a-Mole: once you’ve seen something really interesting, another more interesting design pops up. Perhaps this is a testament to the human imagination and availability of great graphics software. But today’s designs, in all fields of technology and engineering, are being created with the expectation that “nothing is too wonderful […]

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This Video Compilation Compares F1, Indycar, Formula E, Nascar, and WEC Pit Stops
BAE Systems Test Pilot Launches an F-35B From a Ski Jump for the First Time Ever
Students Create Self Sanitizing Door Handle That Destroys 99.8% of Germs
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