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Greased Lightning: NASA’s New 10-Engine Hybrid Wing Electric Plane

Companies, including government contractor Lockheed Martin, are seeking ways to design radically more efficient military transport aircraft to reduce fuel costs and logistical problems related to landing and takeoff. NASA’s new GL-10 “Greased Lightning” Plane is turning heads for several reasons: 10 hybrid-electric propulsion engines, an ability to hover like a helicopter, very high propulsion […]

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Replacing ISS With a Space Colony on the Dark Side of the Moon
The Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan is Actually More Optical Illusion Than It is Terrifying
3D Printing Titanium Spacecraft Fuel Tanks
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World’s First Urban Algae Canopy Could Be the Solution to Excess CO2 in the Atmosphere

In an ambitious project showcasing an innovative integration between technology and nature, London-based ecoLogic Studio has presented the Urban Algae Canopy module that features microalgal cultures. The canopy is fully reactive to other environmental factors like weather changes, light, or the movement of people around it. It can produce more oxygen and energy based on the […]

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senseFly Launches the eXom Today, Its Highly-Anticipated Intelligent Mapping and Inspection Drone
This Gorgeous Stained Glass Window is a Solar Panel!
Latest Boeing 787 Issue Could Result in Plane Losing All Electrical Power Mid-Flight
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