World’s First Urban Algae Canopy Could Be the Solution to Excess CO2 in the Atmosphere

By: | May 6th, 2015

In an ambitious project showcasing an innovative integration between technology and nature, London-based ecoLogic Studio has presented the Urban Algae Canopy module that features microalgal cultures.

The canopy is fully reactive to other environmental factors like weather changes, light, or the movement of people around it. It can produce more oxygen and energy based on the number of inputs.

Urban Algae Canopy can produce oxygen equivalent to four hectares of forest.

The canopy is the world’s first bio-digital architecture that offers algae as the solution to the excess CO2 in our atmosphere. The Urban Algae Canopy covers an area of approximately 36 square meters, but the system is capable of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a much larger scale. EcoLogic Studio claims that the canopy can produce the oxygen equivalent of four hectares of woodland area.

ecoLogic Studio believes that the system can be used to clad whole buildings with a bio-digital skin to remove carbon dioxide and provide energy for the building’s inhabitants. Sunlight will encourage the algae to photosynthesize and grow across the canopy that, in turn, reduces the transparency of the canopy to provide more shade.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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