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100 Finalists Ready to Give Up Everything for a One-Way Journey to Mars in 2025

The one-way manned journey to Mars in 2025 has been described as a suicide mission. The journey to the red planet will take around seven months and as per MIT, first explorers would survive just 68 days using current technology. Despite this, Mars One, a non-profit Dutch organization has shortlisted 100 people for this mission. […]

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Wyoming Vertical Farm Produces 37,000 Pounds of Greens on the Side of a Parking Garage!
Amazon Wants to 3D Print Your Products in the Trucks That Deliver Your Orders!
First Ever Yacht to Use Water-Jet Propulsion Driven by a Hybrid Diesel-Electric System…
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Google’s New Headquarters Will Feature Transparent Dome-Like Canopies

With Apple and Amazon taking on their own seemingly crazy endeavors, Google appears to have decided it wants in on the action with a wild looking new headquarters design. Below are the latest renderings from Google of the company’s plans, essentially a collection of massive, transparent canopied buildings. “We aim to blur the distinction between […]

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Photo Essay: The Copenhagen Metro Line Expansion
Swedish Juniper House Helps People Live Closer to Nature
EDAG’s Lightweight Cocoon Supercar Could be the Future for Lightweight Vehicle Technology
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