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Kormaran Watercraft Transforms Into 6 Shapes, Making It the Most Versatile Water Vessel Ever

This shape-shifting vessel can be transformed as a conventional speedboat for quick maneuvers, a catamaran for stability, or even a three-hull trimaran. Created by an Austrian company known as Kormaran, this most versatile vessel is capable of speeding on and above water. The company has named this vehicle after its name, ‘Kormaran.’ It can transform […]

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Robo-Raven Mimics a Real Bird’s Abilities So Well It Fools Other Birds!
Last Chance To Get The Code Black HD Camera Drone For 55% Off!
Mechanical Engineer Builds Ro-Bow: A Kinetic Sculpture That Plays Violin!
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Google’s Lunar XPrize $30 Million Competition Will Be a Race Across the Moon’s Surface

Google’s Lunar XPrize is a privately-funded, $30 million competition, requiring competitors to not only land a rover on the moon but to explore at least 500 meters and transmit HD video and images back to Earth. The first team to successfully complete this task will be declared the winner of the competition, which was first […]

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Apple Shelling Out $1.9 Billion for 2 State-of-the-Art Renewable Energy Data Centers in Europe
US Fusion Funding: A Call For Change
See-Through Toyota Prius Uses Optical Camouflage Technology to Prevent Accidents
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