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DARPA Successfully Tests Its EXACTO Project Self-Guiding Bullet

DARPA’s “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance” (EXACTO) project is “developing more accurate military artillery that will enable greater firing range, minimize the time required to engage with targets, and also help reduce missed shots that can give away the troops’ location.” Believe it or not, DARPA recently successfully tested a self-guided, mid-flight-changing .50 cal. projectile, a […]

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SpaceX Will Attempt To Land a 70-Foot-Wide, 14-Story-Tall Rocket On a Drone Ship Friday
Dog With Deformed Front Legs Gets 3D-Printed Prosthetics To Help Him Run For The First Time!
Humongous Caverns To Store Compressed Air Energy, Power Los Angeles
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A 90-Year-Old Man Spent The Last 50 Years Building This Cathedral From Trash!

Europe is known for some amazing cathedrals but have you ever seen a beautiful cathedral made of trash? Built single-handedly over the past 50 years by a man named Justo Gallego Martinez in Spain, this cathedral, located in Mejorada Del Campo near Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is finally close to 100% finished. Since he left his […]

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Emirates Upset At The Possibility Of Airbus Discontinuing The A380 Superjumbo
Aston Martin DB10: James Bond’s New Custom-Made Ride In ‘Spectre’
Robot Uprisings? Will Computers With Human-Like Intelligence Control Our Future?
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