Aston Martin DB10: James Bond’s New Custom-Made Ride In ‘Spectre’

By: | December 18th, 2014

James Bond’s first Aston Martin was the classic DB5, which Sean Connery drove in 1964’s Goldfinger. He has been driving them ever since.

Bond will drive a new custom-made ‘DB10’ model in the new Bond flick Spectre. The luxury car company will only make 10 of the new vehicles, which were designed exclusively for Spectre. All the cars will be built at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Warwickshire, UK.

Aston Martin worked with Spectre’s director, Sam Mendes, to design the car. Mendes also directed the most recent Bond film, Skyfall.

The car manufacturer as well as the film producers and crew are keeping the details secret, not even disclosing what gadgets the Aston Martin DB10 will be equipped with.

However, an Aston insider says that the car will feature a 4.7-liter, eight-cylinder V8 engine and the panels of the DB10 are made from carbon fiber. The car is rumored to have the usual gadgets of previous models like the famous ejector seats, rocket launchers and even built-in defibrillators like the one that saved Bond’s life in Casino Royale after being poisoned.

Nidhi Goyal

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