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26,000-Foot Jump without Oxygen … A New World Record!

Remo Lang, a 38 year-old Swiss daredevil, jumped from a hot-air ballon from 8,000 meters (26,200 feet) high without oxygen, in turn breaking the world record. Early in the morning on June 8th, 2014, Lang launched himself from the balloon wearing a wingsuit and experienced a five minute freefall! The entire jump lasted about 10 […]

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Three-Year-Old Boy Gets a 3D-Printed Prosthetic Iron Man Hand
57% Less Power Needed With The E-Chain. The Smooth, Quiet and Exceptionally Long Cable Carrier
Finally! Elon Musk Shows Off The Brand New Tesla D…
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Startup Virool Plans Ambitious Ad Campaign… Sending a Marketer To Space

One of the fastest-growing video distribution platforms for marketers and programmatic video advertising, startup company Virool, has an ambitious ad campaign set to take place during the annual Advertising Week New York. The company is planning to send a marketer to space by way of a contest called the “Race To Space” which asks the public […]

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Tucked Backed In The Hills of Wales, Royal and U.S. Air Force Jets Fly Low and Fast!
The Winners from the Seventh Annual World Architecture Festival
The New Amelia Earhart Completes Her Namesake’s Failed ‘Round The World Flight
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