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100 Billion Tons of Ocean Water Per Day Will Soon Drive Tidal Power Generators at the Bay of Fundy

In 2006, a new company called Ocean Renewable Power Comany (ORPC) decided on Eastport, Maine,  for its superior tides so that it could manufacture tidal generators. The location was chosen over more well-known destinations, such as Florida, where the company was founded. Eastport was seen as the first step to developing tidal power in the […]

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Most Impoverished City In America To House SpaceX’s Commercial Launch Facility
What’s Driving the Future of Autonomous Cars and Highways?
Colin Furze Creates Iron Man Suit Just to Stand in Exploding Fireworks
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Further Testing Brings The LS3 Mule Robot Closer To Military Use…

The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) from Boston Dynamics went through further testing recently by the United States Army during a drill in Hawaii. The LS3, commonly referred to as the mule robot, is expected to be used by the Marines in order to carry equipment and heavy loads up to 400 lbs. Incredibly, the […]

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Court Finds BP Guilty of “Gross Negligence” for 2010 Oil Spill
ReWalk Robotics, Maker of FDA Approved Exoskeleton, Prepares for $50 Million IPO
Electrolux AB Reaches $3.3 Billion Deal To Buy GE’s Appliance Business
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