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NASA’s ‘Faster Than Light’ Spaceship Designs are Fascinating!

NASA announced it was researching building a faster-than-light ship about two years ago but we have not seen or heard much since then. Until now… NASA physicist Dr. Harold White and artist Mark Rademaker worked together to create drawings of what the ship could look like: Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre first introduced the concept […]

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX is Raising Money at a $10 Billion Valuation
Turn Up The Heat With Intense Product Testing. Environmental Test Chambers Key To Life Support In Extreme Conditions!
World’s First Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) Could Shake Up Gas and EV Markets
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US Navy Vet Uses a 3D-Printer and Hardware Parts To Create Cheap, $100 Prosthetic Hand!

Prosthetic limbs will generally run you thousands of dollars but one man needing an artificial hand built his own by utilizing parts from Home Depot, for under $100. Howard Kamarata, a United States Navy veteran, and his friend and engineer Casey Barrett, researched prosthetics and 3D printing extensively before deciding they could indeed make a […]

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Spanish Architectural Photographer Turns Munich Hotel Upside Down and Inside Out
Rosetta Spacecraft Is Orbiting a Comet! Becomes First To Ever Do It…
Store 1TB of Data in 1 Tablespoon of Liquid
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