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“Hole to Hell” Found in Syberia

Siberia is often the butt of jokes. From its harsh winters with temperatures averaging well below freezing to being known as where you get shipped off to when no one wants to see you ever again, Siberia is pretty much some people’s idea of hell. Now, a hell mouth has been discovered in the northern […]

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Get in the Game! NFL Players to Wear Tracking RFID Chips This Season.
Machining By Microscope! Precision Machining Needs MORE Than The Eye Can See.
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Free Falling From 33,000 Feet High… You Won’t Believe The Photo That Was Captured!

French sky divers, Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffet, recently jumped from a plane 33,000 feet high, of which the two had trained for over a year and a half in preparation. The free fall and landing in total took 7 minutes from the time the two exited the plane, and they supposedly pulled their chutes […]

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Sharp’s New Free-Form Display Could Shape the Future of Electronics
Ride the World’s Greatest Road in a Ferrari, a Motorcyle & a Lotus Elise
Could Silicon Valley Become the 51st State?
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