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Stunting: A New Combination of Epic Motorcycle Skills and Stunt Riding

Xtreme Sports “Biking” Base jumping, stunt airplanes, kite surfing, ice climbing and now the worldwide phenomenon of stunt motorcycles or “stunting”. From the United States to Japan, and India to Cape Town, motorcycle stunt riders are performing on public and private roads with custom built and fabricated motorcycles. Predictably, Stunters give police headaches with their […]

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Dubai to Build World’s First Temperature-Controlled City for $6.8B
Was Malaysian Flight 370 a Sitting Duck for High-Tech Electronic Warfare?
2 Women Trapped On 80-Foot High Bridge, Survive Oncoming Train… Must Watch!
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Iceberg Collapse Caught On Camera Had One Couple Fearing For Their Lives

Rick and Wanda Stead caught some incredible, yet scary footage of an iceberg collapsing last week in Newfoundland, Canada. The collapse created a massive wave that led to Wanda Stead screaming in terror, but luckily the couple was unharmed. More of these types of collapses may be common in the future as climate change continue […]

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Watch the Final Check and Launch of a VFA-87 F/A-18C Hornet Fighter Jet
New Material is Lighter Than Air But Strong Enough to Build Planes and Cars
Mercedes Shows a Glimpse Of Its New M178 Engine Undergoing Extreme Heat Tests
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