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Hoverboard Takes Wakeboarding Above The Water…

French jet ski champion Franky Zapata is best known for Flyboard, a platform that allows you to attach yourself to a watercraft and fly alongside it. Zapata’s latest innovation is the Hoverboard, capable of reaching 23 mph by utilizing the technology similar to that of jet ski, propelling itself by water exhaust Hoverboard essentially acts like […]

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HP Unveils Its Breakthrough Computer Project, “The Machine”…
Are 3D Printed Parts Ready For Industrial Applications? Igus Develops the World’s First 3D Printable Bearing Material Filament
Killer App… Connects Google Glass and Smartphones to Rifle Scopes
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Why Tesla is Sharing Its Electric Car Technology with Everyone

Elon Musk is making headlines again, this time for speaking out against patents and making Tesla’s electric car technology available to everyone, even the automobile company’s competitors. Musk believes the current patent system limits innovation and with such a limited landscape in the electric automobile industry right now, Tesla Motors decided to spur innovation by releasing […]

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Engineers Discover a Rice-Sized Way to Charge Medical Devices Inside Your Body
What Created These Mysterious Underwater ‘Crop Circles’?
Paraplegic In Robotic Suit Kicks Off World Cup 2014!
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