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Colin Furze Is Back With a DIY Flame Thrower… X-Men Lovers Rejoice!

Colin Furze recently had the internet buzzing with his Wolverine claws that many claimed were the best they had ever seen. Now, he is attempting to one up his X-Men inventions with a new DIY flame thrower he created, allowing him to be Pyro. The gadget, powered by propane, fits in a backpack Furze wears around, […]

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World’s Largest Offshore Oil Platform an Engineering Masterpiece
Terrifying Footage Of Elevator Gone Wild… Man Injured After Flying Up 30 Floors and Crashing!
Fly Along as U.S. Air Force F-15 Pilots Capture Low Level Flying with GoPro Cameras
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See Why a Firearms Expert Claims 3D Printed Guns are Useless

Has all of the hype surrounding 3D printed guns been for nothing? Tony Gallagher, a firearms expert at the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) thinks so. He has been testing 3-D printed guns for some time now and he has come to a startling conclusion. “On each occasion they [3D printed guns] have failed, and […]

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FAA Approves Virgin Galactic Space Flights for Tourists
Solar-Powered Plane Ready to Circumnavigate the Globe
This World Cup Training Site In Rio Is Absolutely Breathtaking…
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