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Life-Saving Boot Insert Detects Landmines Within 6.5 Feet

It is estimated that more than 110 million active landmines are scattered across 70 countries around the world. An equal number of landmines are stockpiled, waiting to be planted. These landmines remain active for decades and kill thousands of people each month … most of them women and children. Colombia has a major landmine problem […]

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Photographer Turns Beach Trash into Artistic Treasures
Leap Motion’s Incredible Motion-Tracking Controller Just Got Even Better…
Solar-Powered ‘Smart’ Roads Would Turn the World’s Transportation Network into a Massive Power Plant
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The World’s First Electric Plane Has Landed

Airbus has been making headlines lately from luxury planes to the Airbus 380 but its newest creation is by far the company’s most unique project. While electric vehicles have been making a splash in the automotive industry, the aviation industry has been lagging behind. Until now. The E-FAN is a small electric aircraft from Airbus […]

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The Periodic Table Gets a New Addition with Element 117
“Full Speed Ahead” For Global Electric and Hybrid Marine Businesses
Scientists Turn to 3D-Printed Cancer Cells to Better Understand the Disease
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