The World’s First Electric Plane Has Landed

By: | May 28th, 2014

Airbus has been making headlines lately from luxury planes to the Airbus 380 but its newest creation is by far the company’s most unique project.

While electric vehicles have been making a splash in the automotive industry, the aviation industry has been lagging behind. Until now.

The E-FAN is a small electric aircraft from Airbus that will currently be used for experiments and research in hopes of eventually building a bigger electric aircraft for wider commercial use. The E-FAN can only travel for around 30 minutes right now but Airbus seems to think the plane’s endurance can eventually be increased to 1 hour.

Quite possibly the best thing about the E-FAN is the in-flight silence. There is no engine noise like you get from traditional aircraft.


  • Could cut an hour-long flight from $55 to $16
  • Utilizes 120 lithium-ion polymer battery cells, located in the wings
  • Two electric ducted fans mounted on either side of the tail for propulsion
  • 80 horsepower
  • 136 mph top speed

Michael Cooney

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